Ekon Education

Higher education has a significant role in building one’s career and getting higher education abroad could be a life changing experience. It builds resilience and self-confidence and gives a chance to broaden your horizons by exploring new culture and academic opportunities. There is a big number of students flying every year to get a quality education abroad. But, the process of going abroad is very complex and lengthy and it could be daunting for anyone. It becomes more complex for students from tier 2 cities and rural area due to lack of facilities.
Keeping the difficulties of going abroad for studies in mind, we put the foundation of our organization- Overseas Education Lane.

Overseas Education Lane

One of the biggest challenges students of tier 2 and tier 3 cities in India face is accessibility to quality international education unlike their counterparts in Metros and Tier 1 cities.

Overseas Education Lane, a venture of Ekon Solutions India Pvt Ltd was incepted to bridge this divide and provide equal opportunities of higher education. We are a one-stop-solution, facilitating assistance to the students and simplify the hassled process of college selection, admission, test, VISA and Accommodation. We help students make the right choice when it comes to pursuing education abroad.

Our innovative approach has filled this gap by making over 3000 global educational institutions and their programs accessible to the students living in smaller towns and cities. We’ve counseled and placed over 1000 students in some reputed institutions all over the world with 100% success rate.